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27. university love with my man. my family.animals.good old italian cream in winter. rainy days. travel around the world. books. interior. beauty stuff. istanbul. theater. fall. writing. dreaming. paris. siblings.believing. loving

These and a lot of other words describes me. Began as a girl and now a woman.

Want to grow with me?

Hi, this is Melek. I want to take you on my journey, and want you to see what I can see through my lens, my angle to see the world and visualize it. There are a bunch of things which inspires me such as



the sea






I am a classic fish and inner all characteristics like beeing sensitive, having a great sense of humor, having an eye for details, trying to be near to the water whenever possible etc.

To mention some weaknesses of mine I am miserable at denying ice cream in winter, taking things to serious ( let me tell you : life is too short)